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After a long time we finally decided to carry on Taloluth
as a studio project because we were unable to find a drummer
for three years by now.
We allready started recording a few songs, but we paused the recordings
at the moment because we don't want to mess up the schedule of the
recordings of Sebastian's and Silvana's folk band "Sturmnacht"

Because of organizational reasons we had to cancel
the gig on 06.11.2009 in Bielefeld.

Added a new gig (06.11.2009 in Bielefeld)
to the live section.

Oliver informed me today that he is leaving the band
because of musical differences. We wish him all the best
with his future bands and projects.

17.06.2009: New URL
Today the website was transfered to a new URL (taloluth.com).
Please update your bookmarks and links.

Added a new gig (27.06.2009 in Bielefeld)
to the live section.

Added a new gig (22.11.2008 in Paderborn)
to the live section.

Josch decided to take a break from the
active band work. He just completed his degree and
does not know where his life will take him afterwards.

First date added to the new live-section

We finally chose a new name for the
band, it's "Taloluth". I'm also happy, to introduce two new
members of the band to you. Nils is our second guitar
player and Olli is playing drums.