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The Band "CelticCross" was found by André Tubbesing (Drums), Annika Dürksen (Vocals),
Mareike Last (Bass) and Sebastian Steinberg (Guitar, Backing Vocals)

Middle of 1998:
The Band breaks up after musical differences

CelticCross lives on as a Solo-Studio Project

October 2000:
Josch Pauling (Keyboard) joins the Project

January 2001:
Silvana Grebe(Vocals) joins the Project

May 2001:
The Demo "Unfinished..." is released

December 2004:
The Demo "Like Worlds Divide Us" is released

May/June 2008:
Nils Hoffmann (Guitar) and Oliver Leicher (Drums) join the band

July 2008:
Because another band called "CelticCross" allready exsists,
the band's name is changed to "Taloluth"

July 2009:
Oliver Leicher (Drums) leaves the band